Expanding on Andrew's fourth suggestion.  Enter your board outline and do
you component placement then get one or two sets of prototype boards made
with no etching.  There will be copper all over one or both sides of the
boards.  Maybe use one of those quick turn around places.  While they are
making the prototypes, you can place the tracks.  You will then be able to
populate the boards with components and check that no components interfere
with each other.  You will also be able to check that the completed assembly
will fit in the enclosure and that wiring looms can be routed nicely.  The
RF designer can also check that the circuitry on the lower board will not
interfere with the circuitry on the upper board.
We do 3-D models in AutoCAD here but we have found that working out issues
like the routing wires is still best done using a physical sample of the
board assemblies.

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On 10:46 PM 2/5/2001 -0500, Glennster wrote:

What is the best way to ensure that the 2 boards mate exactly.  When
assembled, the top board goes down on top of the relays with the contacts
sticking through the PCB and is soldered on the top along with the header.

Honestly? IMO, the VERY best way to ensure that the boards mate correctly is

1. use your own custom footprints, NOT THE MFG FOOTPRINTS, which will be
made by using a vernier to measure all of the critical dimensions. This
includes both mating connectors (headers and the like) as well as any
penetrating components (those components which penetrate the RF board by
routed holes in the RF board)

2. When designing the board, cut and paste a copy of the RF board directly
ontop of a copy of the relay board to verify accurate location of mating

3. print the board layouts to mylar at 2:1 or at a magnification as large as
the largest board, and overlay one print on the other to verify that
everything is accurately registered.

That's how I get it right the first time.


4. If this is more than a one-off, and especially if you're going to produce
large quantities, prototype the circuits in question and hand fab an
assembly to verify that the real world will play out.



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