On 10:15 PM 6/02/2001 -0500, Andrew Jenkins said:
>Here's the scoop. Received an email today from Protel, in which they asked 
>if I was running SP6.
>Difference between home and work? Work has Sp6 pre-release. Help works. 
>Home? SP4. Doesn't work...
>Downloaded SP6 from FTP site (website is down, via a netblock!), and 
>voila! Help links are up and running once more from "INFO" buttons.
>So...LES!!! To solve the problem, install SP6. Too bad couldn't be applied 
>to P98, since that's what I have to run most of the time at work, 
>(200MHz/64M slug) and therefore at home.
>See, Ian? This is why...16 messages for no good reason, except to confirm 
>that Protel should have documented (and posted) the inclusion of said repair.

When Protel released the Prerelease (SP6) they also lodged to the egroups 
file store a file with the issues and fixes.  I looked at this file but 
don't think I kept a copy - why would you once the software is released.

*But* on the Protel www site is a document listing the changes for SP6 
(release version). Link is:
There is a link to this page on the service pack download page.

The 15th bulleted point is:
"The Info button that opens the Process Reference help file for the current 
process now functions correctly."

Now I do not know if this line was in the pre-release version of the same 
doc had this line - but I bet it had.

Is this not the document that you were asking Protel to produce?  I seem to 
vaguely recall such a document has been available for each recent service 

So maybe this is one we can cross off the wish list? Or have I 
misunderstood your original request - talk about mixing up threads 
here.  Still I s'pose you and I know what we are talking about....

Ian Wilson

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