> I relatively new to Protel use, but I've been noticing something
> related to this discussion. When I have a via that is used to connect a
> layer signal to a mid layer signal, I drop the via down and Protel makes
> connection, but there is no pad around the plated through hole. I was
> taught that you want the internal layers to have some pads to make it
> for the current to flow. I was playing around with the tool, and I
> find any easy way to change the properties of the via to include this
> feature. any ideas?
> Also, I was trying to create plain drill holes for mounting purposes
> only (i.e., no signal connected to them) and I couldn't figure out how to
> that??
> "Any help would be very, umm...helpful", says the rookie to the big
> crowd...
> Eric Strand

If you do printouts of the layers in which the via occurs, there *should* be
some copper surrounding the hole. The thickness of this depends upon the
diameter of the via and the diameter of its associated hole (both of which
can be set in the dialog box invoked after double-clicking on the via).

Gerber files should also be similar in nature. But you may want to look at
selecting the option of including unconnected Mid Layer Pads. (There is a
checkbox for this in one of the Tabs of the associated dialog box that can
be invoked from within the CAM Manager Server.)

If you want holes for mounting purposes, it sounds as though you want "just"
holes, with no copper either inside them or surrounding them. Refer to my
other recently despatched posting (Subject: Re: Just a hole) for details of
how to achieve this.

Geoff Harland.
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