Thanks for the explanation Geoff. I had expected the same operation as P98
where checking the selection added the layers to the print subsequent to
checking the box. Just to make sure I understand your explanation, the check
selection for adding Mechanical layers to final prints will only add the
mechanical layers to subsequent configurations of a print server. Checking
it does not add the mechanical layers to an existing printserver
configuration. No reply necessary if I have understood your comments.

        Sorry for the slow acknowledgement, our external email server was
cut-off yesterday as soon as the initial email virus epidemic hit our
internal email. For those of you who don't yet know, there is a new
(12/02/2001) virus proliferating through email mailing lists worldwide. The
attachment was named for "Anna Kournikova" (sp?) the tennis player and it is
a VBS script.


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> Hi all,
> now I believe a fair while ago I had seen references on the
> listserver to bugs in the print servers for P99SE. Does this possibly
> include a bug that does not allow mechanical layers to be added to all
> plots? If not, in Final Plots, how do you get the "Layers To Add When
> Creating Plots" to work after selecting/checking the mech layers that I
> added to my plot? I have tried checking any number of these mechanical
> layers and they never seem to get added to my plots. I have rebuilt and
> re-processed the plots.
> Brad Velander

Printing can be undertaken using either the Power Print Server or the "old
fashioned" way. When using the Power Print Server, it is possible to add to,
or remove, layers from the list of those (layers) which will be printed with
each Printout definition that has been created within a Printout
Configuration file. There is a dialog box which can be used to select which
Mechanical layers will be included in Printout definitions. But the layers
so selected apply only *after* these have been set up, and as such, are not
applied "retrospectively" to any currently/previously defined set of


Geoff Harland.
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