An effort to provide company stock numbers in our Bill of Material printouts
has revealed what appears to be a bug.
I am trying to make part libraries that will bring our company's ten-digit
stock number (which I will refer to as a part number) into the schematic so
we can print them out automatically when we generate a BOM.  Since I can't
add the number to a part field (only the names are accessible when editing
library parts) I plan to use a library field (what is called a read-only
field once the part has been placed in a schematic).  Now that I'm going to
bring a different part into the schematic for each value (instead of
bringing in a generic resistor, say, and typing in all it's values) I would
like to have information like resistance, power rating, etc. come across
with the part from the library.  The work-around I've been experimenting
with is to enter those values as part field NAMES, which can be edited in
the library part editor.  To allow those values to display, I have gone into
my experimental schematic sheet and from the menu picked
Tools/Preferences/Default Primitives, where, under Part, I have altered the
default Part window to show Field Names; then under each Part Field I have
removed the asterisk that would normally display, and have de-selected Hide
for each field (and yes, I have clicked on the box "Permanent").  Now when I
place a part symbol in the schematic, I should see the field names (now my
display values, like "1K" and "1/4W") with no field values (having gotten
rid of the asterisks).  The name of the part, now the Part Type, will still
display, but hiding that is a lot less work than entering all the data I
would otherwise have to.
However, this doesn't work, and I can't (yet) figure out why.  Instead of
having the default values that I have set come across, parts placed have the
Field Names box UNchecked and asterisks are in place.  Usually, that is.
Sometimes, the first part I place after starting Protel will come in the way
I want it to (field names showing, fields empty of text) but not always!
What am I overlooking?  Is this a bug?

Mike Crist
Newport Corporation

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