>At 10:53 AM 2/16/01 -0800, Dennis Saputelli wrote:
>I too have been wary of the synchronizer
>the method you describe is what we use, it seems to work fine and is not
>very hard

The older netlist method is simple and easy to understand. If something 
seems weird you have a net list you can read. Doing designs for clients 
using other CAD systems, where a Protel schematic is not available, the 
netlist method is the only method.

But when one is making changes back and forth between the PCB and the 
schematic, the synchronizer is really cool. It's faster.

Especially where there are a lot of new footprints and problems with pin 
numbering, etc., the difference can be significant.

I have a old habit of simply changing footprints in PCB when there is a 
problem. It's a bad habit. Fixing the footprints from the schematic end 
prevents other problems down the line. I suppose if we are paid by the 
hour, re-inventing the wheel is a feature, not a bug.

Don't be too shy to use the synchronizer. I recommend running a netlist 
*also* at the end of the design process and loading it, for security, to 
make sure that no macros are created -- or that one clearly understands 
what they are, in detail, if any *are* created. (Such as the multiple pad 
load bug, etc., or the lower case pad designator problem I described last 

(I have not verified that the synchronizer has the same problem.)

Reloading the net list is the only way to verify that one has not 
inadvertently edited a pad net assignment or deleted a component. DRC will 
not tell you.

DRC should *always* compare the loaded net list with an external version. 
This simply change would increase the security of DRC.

This would require that the synchroniser always generate a net list. I 
think it skips that now. It shouldn't. Net lists are at worst harmless and 
relatively small files.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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