> I hope you understand, Andrew Riley, my purpose was not to 
> challenge you to 
> a duel of whit, but simply to correct or stand corrected.  We had 
> definitely not reached the point where any flaming was taking place, nor 
> did I expect that to be the case.

Andrew, I do realize and understand your point.  My only intention was to publish the 
fact that "I" stand corrected.  And, I could not accept your duel as I am currently 
unarmed,..<g>  On a serious note, I realize the impersonal nature of e-mail and that 
its intentions are, more often than not, (mis)interpreted - I did not mean to seem 
defensive/challenged.  In other words, No harm - no foul.

Anyway, on to your B B Q;
> It's the list server I have issues with, because I can no longer be sure 
> that threads are being maintained, or whether their content is only 
> reaching a portion of the list...
> On to bigger and better questions. Intel or other chipset? if not intel 
> chipset, then make sure you have all of the most up-to-date 
> chipset patches 
> installed, as well as the companion MX drivers (must be the correct 
> pairing), as the MX cards are more than finicky with non-intel chipsets.
> Via? (I've read a lot of "blank-secondary!!!" type messages in which the 
> user has a motherboard using the Via chipset. Known prob, known solution.

I believe this may be a problem in my configuration.  I will have to check this when I 
get home - I do have a VIA chipset.  I have recently installed the new MB (chipset?) 
drivers using Windows Update.  First time ever there was actually something in the 
drivers section.  I do not really know how current the updates are.  Would these be 
the "chipset patches" that you referred to?  Also, I do not have updated MX drivers.  
I did not know there were updated MX drivers because I have not found them but then 
again I have not looked very hard.  

Thank you, for your help.
Drew - always here, not always there...

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