Hi Everyone,
        I thought I was paying close attention to all the chatter on this
net but apparently I have missed the boat again. I have a master schematic
and 4 (flat) sub schematics that globally reference the following net names
I have defined:(using 99SE SP6)
        When I go to update the PCB from the schematic, I get a macro error
that asks me if I want to continue.(Right here is where I would like to know
what the complaints are but I can't seem to find an error report) If I
continue I find that even though I don't see any missing parts or
footprints, that when I route the board, the ground and power planes that I
created in the layer stack manager do not connect up, but rather, ground
pins are connected by signal traces rather than to the planes.
        The online help seems to talk about different conditions than what I
see on my dialogue boxes. When I try to edit the properties of the internal
power planes, the drop down box does not show the +3.3V net name or anything
for the power ground net GND.
        Obviously, the macro errors at update time are the problem, but I
don't know how to view the errors or see what is really wrong. I have set up
my design rules and the board will route 100% and all the parts seem to ALL
be there.
        I know Protel has it's own power and ground rules but I have not
made sense of them yet. I have set the net name on the power ground symbol
to "GND" and have used the power arrow symbol with the above net names.
        One thing I have done is put power and ground pins on my schematic
library parts so I can see them on the schematic. I then place a net label
on a wire going to the power pin. I did not put a net label on the ground
symbol other than the properties box when you add a ground to the actual

R. Gordon Price
Director of Research Engineering
Loronix Information Systems, Inc.
Del Mar CA

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