At 02:28 PM 3/1/2001, you wrote:
>On 08:37 PM 3/2/01 +0200, Andrei Chermyanin said:
>>Hello all
>>I have not new messages for 4 days. What happened?
>There have been a large number of messages during the last week. You are 
>apparently the latest victim of the phantom mail-server "bug...(no, it's 
>not a virus, just some unknown agent that kills mail traffic to various 
>list participants from time to time...) I'm cc'ing you directly, so if 
>you're back "online" to the group, you should get two (2) copies of this 

NO, this had nothing to do with any "phantom mail-server bug" or any 
problems with the forum servers. Andrei Chermyanin's mail was bouncing...
   "Reason: User [EMAIL PROTECTED] unknown at destination site."
During just those 4 days, the list server received 152 bounces of Andrei's 

Any forum member that experiences problems posting or receiving mail should 
contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] so we resolve the problem. If it 
is a problem on our mail server, we can't fix it unless we know about it! 
Posting a question such as this on the forums is not appropriate, and only 
leads to uninformed speculation. If there are confirmed problems, the new 
Open Topic forum is now the correct venue to discuss them.

There has been some discussion on this forum about the servers being down 
or slow. With the exception of a limited number of messages which were 
temporarily lost at the ISP a few weeks ago, this is just not the case. To 
help members resolve problems and to determine if the servers really are 
offline or slow, we have setup a status check page on the Association web 
site which will allow members to perform a live check of the system 
(including their own mail program, the forum servers and everything in 
between). You can access this page through a link at

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