On 04:19 PM 9/03/2001 -0600, John Lemburg said:
>My design, SK56A.ddb, has a library file, SK560340.lib, that I deleted
>within the ddb window (that is, I did not use MS explorer to delete it) and
>it is length 0 and will not disappear. In addition to this, I now get access
>violation error windows, lots of them, and this is going to turn into a huge
>time sucker that is not in my schedule.
>Please advise asap.  Shall I send you the ddb for you to "fix" then send
>serial#/access codes: 990010951 ... and you ask me for the key code and I'll
>send it
>John R. Lemburg,    Sr. Hardware Engineer
>Avistar Systems, Inc.,   Madison Building

 From the tone of the message maybe you meant for this message to go to 
Protel support.  This forum is not Protel - it is simply a list of Protel 
users that might be able to help each other.

That said someone may be able to help with your problem - just as well you 
didn't send the access code...

If you are using the Windows File System I would have though you could 
simply copy all the source files (that you want into a new directory, open 
Protel 99SE and create a new DDB file and import those files you want in 
the design.

Now if the problem is that you can't run up P99SE as it keeps trying to 
open the damaged file then you can do a number of things:
1) Hold CTRL key while P99SE starts - this will stop documents opening 
(won't stop the DDB from being loaded though)
2) Edit the client99SE.ini file and edit out the the following group to 
show zero open windows:
[Open Windows]
(You may also want to delete any groups [Open Window 1], [Open Window 2] 
etc and of course you should back up the ini file before editing it.) This 
will stop any DDBs from opening.
3) Uninstall P99SE and then reinstall and apply SP6 again. (hopefully it 
shouldn't get to this.)

Once you have P99SE open without any DDBs open you could also try repairing 
the original DDB (Click on the client menu (the arrow to the left of the 
File menu) and click Design Utilities... Then try to repair the database.

Maybe something here will help - but please do not *expect* this group to 
solve your problems.  We are a group of Protel users - we are *not* Protel.

Ian Wilson
Considered Solutions Pty Ltd     mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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