From: Douglas Jensen

In a possibly related thread, I have had protel REMOVE licenses from my
list of unlock-codes shown in the security window.

Originally, I installed only single licenses on single machines (before the
check boxes for transmit and recieve where removed in an SP sometime).  Now
I have to install all licenses on all machines to have things work at all.
I installed each of 5 codes on 5 different machines.  Now most machines
have four or three licenses available - the protel app is removing numbers
from the lists on machines - I have to re-enter the codes to get everyone
running again (or more accurately to avoid the 'you are running more copies
than you have licenses for' message.)

Has anyone else experienced this?  Any solutions?  Protel has been trying
to be helpful, but I've been following their instructions with little


"Colby - PowerStream" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 03/27/2001 09:33:48 AM

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> >     I believe that this was answered a while ago by Colby (ex-Protel
> > Tech support). His comment was that Protel had removed the ability to
> > the floating licenses check sometime recently in one of the service
packs (5
> > or 6?). If my memory has failed me then someone will step in and

This is a bit different.  I was talking about the checkboxes that were
for a short time to Broadcast and Receive the license information...  that
was removed with a service pack.

> If so, that's at least annoying to me. Startup is slow enough as it is -
> don't need the added aggravation of waiting thru something that "big
> decided I needed to have on, especially while I've got an anxious
> waiting on the phone for me to get a design up in front of me and ready
> discuss. Protel, please consider this as one strident vote for restoring
> ability to turn off the search for floating licenses.

Just to float a guess here...  it will only look for floating licenses when
the license installed to the local machine has already been picked up by
another workstation, or it just is not there.  I haven't really played
around with this too much... but this would be my guess.

To get it to stop I would try going into the security section of Protel 99
SE(Arrow in upper left-->Security) and make sure your access code is listed
for each server, and that access has been granted for each server for X

If you find a server that is missing the code... type it in and make sure
access was granted.

If you have multiple licenses I would suggest manually entering each of
into the machine that is acting like this.

Basically... I don't think it is normal behavior... so there must be a way
to get it to stop.

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