On 03:00 AM 26/03/2001 -0700, Vic Lopez said:
>Dear friends,
>      I am working on a project in which I am using protel 99. I needed
>to assign footprints to the various components in different sheets
>within the same project.
>      I created a spreadsheet to do this, but when I click on update
>absolutely nothing happens. Supposedly, all the footprints I assigned
>in the spreadsheet to the componets are supposed to appear in their
>properties field. What am I doing wrong??  Vic Lopez

I just tried running the Sch_SS:ExportFromSchToSpread process, exporting 
just parts, and for the parts just designators and footprint and a few 
other attributes for fun,  then I make some changes to the footprints in 
the footprint column then I ran the Sch_SS:ExportFromSpreadToSch process 
and it went like a bought one ( no problems).

A little more investigation of your comment "but when I click on update 
absolutely nothing happens" had me looking to see what process the Spread 
File|Update menu command actually calls.  It calls Spread:Update - the docs 
for this suggest it can be used to update a server from which data was 
extracted into the spread server. I suspect it is broken as both Sch and 
PCB have dedicated Sch_SS and PCB_SS servers for exporting/importing data 
from spreadsheets.

Protel CSC - could you please comment on whether File|Update is indeed a 
dag or does it have some on-going use?

Thinking about it, the Sch_SS:ExportFromxxx processes are not well 
known.  Could you be using the Reports|Bill-of-Materials command to create 
a Protel spread format document and then trying to update the footprints 
from there? This won't work.

You will need to export the data using the Sch_SS:ExportFromSchToSpread and 
then from within the spread server export back using the 
Sch_SS:ExportFromSpreadToSch. These can be assigned to 
menus/toolbars/keyboard shortcuts using the Customize comment of the Client 
menu.  You also need to keep the sch document(s) open while you do the edit 
in order to ensure the magic handles are not messed up (the hidden column B 
of the spreadsheet has the magi-handle I think).

Ian Wilson

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