I believe I have had this problem before, it related to my library
files. I had a library active that did not have any information in it. It
was empty, Every time I would try to produce a net list the computer would
lock up. If I closed it reopened it I will still get the same results.

good luck,


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I found the same problem with memory leak & I increased virtual 
memory to 1G as well.  The problem only occurs if you pour copper 
plane on complex board many time without closing Protel. As you pour 
copper plane, the memory increase but never get release it after
the operation is done.  Eventually, your computer will crash.

Sound like leaky condo business.  :)


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        Been there, got the hat, got the shirt! I found that the virtual
disk swap space had to be increased on my machine to 1 gig.(using NT2000
professional) The problem is an apparent memory overflow and/or leaky code
from hell.(otherwise known as BAD CODE!) From a professional point of view,
I find it un-acceptable! The number of components/traces/vias and other
mystery routing issues will make the problem surface at different design
complexity levels.
        I also have a design where the schematic has 2 wires that will not
show up on the board netlist, even after re-drawing them. Naturally they
will not route if they are not on the netlist. I am on a mission to get
PROTEL awareness of these nasty bugs! No luck yet!

Good Luck,
R. Gordon Price
Director of Research Engineering
Loronix Information Systems, Inc.
(858) 523-9424

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