> According to Rick Wilson, Manager of Corporate Services, from whom I
> just received training at a seminar, the upgrade price will be $795 to
> $995.
> Jim Muehlberg

Let's hope that the next version (apparently due for release some time this
year) will have enough bug fixes and new/enhanced features to make the
upgrade price worthwhile.

I'm not sure how my boss would respond to a request from myself to purchase
an upgraded version of Protel. That said, I would regard the provision of
SDK files (with the new version) to be a very important factor, and if not
right from the start, then as soon as possible afterwards, as in before the
release of the first SP for the new version. (Such files were never released
for use with the original version of Protel 99, and while they have been
released for use with Protel 99 SE, they are still in a pre-release state,
and as such, anyone who downloads these has to agree to comply with an
associated NDA.)

And while I don't object to Protel providing yet more services and Servers
per se, this should not be at the expense of not improving the "core"
Schematic, PCB, and Autoroute Servers as much as possible as well.

I haven't seen any recent flyer myself, but I have visited Protel's Website
recently. It seems that from July 1 this year, the pricing schedule for
Protel 99 SE will change as follows:

New license price: from US$5,995 to US$7,995.
Protel 16-bit user upgrade price: from US$2,995 to US$3,995.
Protel 98 user upgrade price: from US$1,495 to US$1,995.

Protel has released a number of SPs for use with Protel 99 SE, and has not
charged users for these; nor were users charged for Protel 99 SE if they had
purchased Protel 99 previously, and nor were users charged for the
CAMtastic! 2000 Designers Edition (first provided last year to those owning
a copy of Protel 99 SE). But everyone is going to have to decide for
themselves how to interpret a one-third increase in price for those
purchasing (or upgrading to) Protel 99 SE after the end of June (this

Geoff Harland.
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