> > > Geoff wrote
> > > > I'm not sure how my boss would respond to a request from myself
> > > > to purchase an upgraded version of Protel
> > >
> > > Tell you boss to price out any compitetors product and see if he has a
> > > change of mind. That is the poorest argument I have ever heard
> > > for boosting your productivity. I finnally convinced some designers
> > > to start using 99SE over 98. One comment was 98 was a dinasour
> > > by comparision, I tried to convince them a year ago, and now we are
> > >  ready for new version. I wonder what these dinaosur designers are
> > > going to do next.
> > >
> > > Mike Reagan
> >
> > Yeah well I had a boss that just like that. They may be
> > shortsighted, but they are everywhere....
> >
> > Tony Karavidas
> Yeah, short-sighted but never in short supply!  8^>
> I am sure we all have very similar war stories.
> Brad Velander

I have reason to believe that I have a reasonable chance of having my
request for upgrading Protel accepted, as opposed to a slim chance or no
chance at all. That said, there are some factors which could result in my
request being declined. The PCBs which I design are not "pushing the
envelope" as far as Protel's capabilities are concerned, and I have managed
to enhance the capabilities of the existing version of Protel by using the
SDK files to create customised Processes within addon Servers. And there is
a question mark over whether the next version of Protel will run on Windows
98 or not. At present, I am using Win 98 at work, and while I have heard
noises to the effect that everyone will be upgrading to Win 2000 at some
stage, there could be a problem in that regard if I am still using Win 98
when the next version of Protel is released, if that won't run on Win 98.

However, I am not unhappy with my present employer, in spite of the fact
that I am presently using Win 98, and that it is not absolutely certain that
I will get to upgrade to the next version of Protel. Before I started my
present job, I applied for a job with a company (, in one of Sydney's
northern suburbs, ) which was still using Adv Pcb 2.8 at that time (and
maybe still is). Ugh!!! (That was even worse than my previous employer, in
that I was at least using Protel 3 at the time, even though it was not at
all likely that I would ever have got to have upgraded to still later
versions.) And if it was not uncool to bad-mouth past employers, I could
tell assorted tales about some of mine... but I will resist the temptation,
and all the more so (for this forum), given that the tales concerned are of
a non-Protel nature. :)

So I will give my best shot to getting the next version of Protel. But it
would help things in that regard if Protel also comes to the aid of the
party by releasing a new version which is not too buggy (or bloated), and
which provides sufficient bug fixes/new features/enhanced
features/productivity enhancements to justify the expenditure concerned.

Geoff Harland.
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