Instead of using Select-Connected Copper, can you try Shift-Click on the 
polygons and seeing if they copy then.  I suspect that you need to select 
the polygon *not* just the tracks of the polygon.  There is a 
difference.  Using select selected copper you are only selecting the tracks 
(I suspect) and not the polygon.

I think there may be a bug of omission - in that they polygon is apparently 
selected (tracks highlighted) but really it is not. I seem to remember some 
problems with shift-click selection of polygons but thought this may have 
been fixed in a service pack.  I am working from memory here.  Maybe there 
should be a new select command Select-Polygons, possibly there would be 
some use for a Expand Selection server that could expand any partially 
selected copper connections and polygons which have one or more selected 
tracks.  Maybe this server could have an option box to control what 
entities are included in the expanded selection. Maybe maybe maybe...but 
not by me at this time (anyway), anyone else want a go?

Ian Wilson

On 02:37 PM 9/07/2001 +0200, Joop Reekers said:

>Hi All,
>I stumbled on a problem, trying to copy a part of a PCB design.
>This is what happened:
>First try:
>Select Inside Area, to select a major part of a PCB, including 2 complete
>The polygons were not selected, I can understand that, because the
>originally "polygoned" area was larger than the selected area. Outer parts
>of the polygons were removed as dead copper.
>Then I selected the polygons by Select Connected Copper, indeed, they were
>Now, copying and pasting the selection, the polygons are NOT pasted.
>Another try:
>I unlocked the primitives of the polygons.
>Select Inside Area: the polygon tracks are now selected.
>However, copying and pasting the selection, again the polygon tracks are NOT
>The only way to copy these polygons seems to be, to Select All, then
>deselect everything I do not want to copy. Then the polygons or polygon
>tracks are pasted.
>A (minor?) bug or am I overlooking something?
>Have a nice day!
>Joop Reekers
>Semecs bv, Almelo NL.

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