At 09:18 AM 7/11/01 -0700, Tony Karavidas wrote:
>Here's one for that support person:
>"I recommend you find another way to get a paycheck."
>Ok, sillyness aside, that was a stupid answer on their part. They could have
>said "can you temporarily try another printer to see if the problem goes
>away?" Obviously Protel cannot control the content or quality of printer
>drivers but they don't really know if your printer is defective, the driver
>is wrong, or some other piece of software is not correct on your system.

The answer was technically correct but rudely expressed, and further, it 
was less than helpful. Yes, someone should speak to the tech support person 
to encourage him or her to use more acceptable modes of expression. The 
message sounded rushed. "I've got to give you some kind of answer right now 
because I've got twenty more issues to deal with before close today and my 
rideshare is waiting outside, and I don't know anything better to say." It 
comes off as "you aren't that important, fix your own problem."

>I tell ya, good help is hard to find.

Right. It does not hurt to try Protel support, but you are much more likely 
to get good support on an issue like that here. Ultimately, however, the 
problem may be so difficult that the best solution is, as others suggested, 
including Protel support:

"recommend using another printer."

Not necessarily permanently, but with a fresh printer and fresh printer 
driver, if it works, one will have ruled out certain possible causes, and 
if it does not work, one will have ruled out different possible causes. And 
there is much more that could be said.

For a question like this, there should be a good canned answer that could 
be personalized by the technician. But Protel is still a relatively small 
company, I can understand that every procedure has not been polished.

Further, everyone makes mistakes and has bad days.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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