I was at that same IPC designers conference. It was not a IPC conference but
it was sponsored by the designers council which does not have a direct
affiliation to IPC, they are there own entity, and just carry the IPC name. 
There where two topics that related to data transfer, one by Deter Bergman
outlining GEN-CAM which is a internet based data transfer. I will not go
into great detail on it but if interested here is the web sight
www.gencam.org you probably will get a better description on what it really
is. The other was from Patrick McGoff from Valor ODB++. 
The support for dropping gerber data is strong and it is slowly gaining
support from the bare board manufactures. Right now we send gerber data for
the bare board, to my understanding they basically have to relayout the
board in there cam system to get what they need to produce the board. They
are basically repeating what we have just done, and some times that's where
changes or accidents could have been made. Tom Hausherr was a speaker on an
unrelated subject but gave a actual testimony that a reputable board
manufacture in TX has a bulletin board with CO. records for the quickest a
board has been layed out. For gerber data it is 4 hours ODB++ 1 hr, when you
look at that and consider the above the push for smart data is pretty good.
It all comes down how fast do you want it, and can it cut the price of

Just my 2c

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Unfortunately it has been my experience that IPC = Dollars. Maybe they
have a vested interest and just want another thing to charge for.
That's my take anyway.


Jim McGrath
CAD Connections Inc.

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