Well, here is what I thought of....

Rather than pasting it into ths same PCB file create a copy of the PCB file
and open the new copy.  And paste your corresponding section into a new
schematic as you did... but leave it out of the hierarchy for the first part
of this.

Close the original schematic and PCB.

Check the Synchronization on the two new documents(this should also serve
the purpose of making sure the proper components are 'linked' to each other)

Re-annotate the Schematic to use a new designtator series.(In the Advanced
section of the Annotation process)

Now Update the new copy of the PCB to change all the designators to match
the re-annotation and update any nets that may have changed names due to the

Now if you need to move the new copy of the PCB anywhere else(like back to
the original PCB document).  First select it all, then copy it to the

Leaving the PCB file you are copying from Open, go to the PCB file you want
to paste it into.

Instead of doing a normal Ctrl+V Paste, go to Edit-->Paste Special.

Here you will have the option to Duplicate Designator(Suppress the adding of
the _1 suffix), and Keep Net Name(so that all net information is retained in
the selection).

Now, even if the new PCB is on the same file as the original, you should be
able to plug the new schematic into the hierarchy and synchronize and all
designators should match up.

I didn't actually test to see if this works... but it should do the trick.

There may be an easier way as well... but this is what popped into my head
when I saw the question.

I hope that it helps.

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> Today I tried to duplicate a section of a dual-cpu board, call it CPU1
> all its associated parts.)  When I do that on the PCB, each part of the
> duplicated pcb layout has a _1 suffixed to it.  Fine.  Now for the purpose
> of duplicating the schematic representation of that, I copied the
> corresponding schematic section onto a new sheet (part of a multi-sheet
> project) expecting P99SE to create the same suffixed relationship of the
> parts, which would be fine for my purpose as I expected to renumber and
> synchronize later.  However I couldn't reproduce the PCB behavior in
> the parts, that is, no _1 suffixes.  The motivation is to create a
> synchronizable match between the PCB and SCH layouts which can then be
> renumbered.
> So how does one do this correctly?
> regards,
> Tim Hutcheson

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