Hi Richard,

I too (attempt to) use the data base linking function. I too find it as slow
as a wet week. It has been this way for as long as it has existed. From my
playing with it I think it does umpteen passes through the file (multiply
no. of components by number of fields I think).

Please Mr. Protel can this feature be addressed in the next update.

I'm also linking to a DbaseIV database. In an attempt to speed things up I
have been making a local copy of our inventory file and stripping out
irrelevent fields (items that don't live on PCBs) to make the file smaller.
This helps a little but the linking function needs speeding up somehow.

I have recently been toying with doing something external to Protel using
Access or Excel - nothing more than thoughts at the moment though.

I'm glad to hear though that I am not the only one who makes use of the
linking feature. So while I can sympathise and confirm the lack of
performance of this feature, at this stage I can offer no real help.

Good Luck,

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Zener Electric Pty Ltd

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From: Richard Thompson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Date: Friday, 3 August 2001 01:12
Subject: [PEDA] Slow database query

>Hey people me again,
>Has anyone else out there used the database linking function?  I am using
>to insert company specific information about parts into the part fields.
>works well, however it is incredibly slow to update the information often
>taking 5 to 10 minutes with less than 30 parts on the scematic!  The
>database is in DBaseIV format and less than 400 items with 6 fields each.
>only reference to one field per component.
>Can you set the update to insert information as i place components? or is
>there a better way?  I had toyed with the idea of writing somewthing in
>Access to do the same job but thats another stage of things to do when
>printing BOMs etc.  and more than a little bit of a a pain
>As usual, all help appreciated.;-)

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