Yes, please keep posted... I still occasionally work for a service bureau
that uses Allegro/Mentor/Valor/SpecctraQuest/CCT (even though I really am an
EE that writes software for a living rather than lay out boards for a

yes, some of these "scripts" can take some time to write... especially if it
not a throw away script and needs to be used by others...  I wrote the
netlist translator in about 5~10 minutes in straight PERL (then spiffed it
up for others to use for another 10~20 minutes). But now PERL has an object
oriented extension to which objectified reusability may contribute to less
time to write some (almost application class) proper code to do some of the
more mundane bi-directional munging...

Since I do not own Allegro, if someone gave me a simple extract file of a
simple multi layer board and an example protel ascii version of the same,
then I should be able to write a bi-dir mungifier...  Of course a recursive
decent parser generated by lex/yacc type grammar rules could make the work
even faster!  oddly enough, a module of such does exist for PERL...

caveat programmor...


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I have used the extract command of Allegro and it works well. From memory,
It has
more options than just the text interface it present the user with. You can
drive it
without the interface. I found converting the data it presented (using AWK
at the time)
still took some time to do. The way libraries are managed presented
This may be something to be aware of when wanting to match libraries in
if using this method.

The contractor I had translate a Protel PCB into Veribest/Mentor using the
RSI tool
said the conversion from Protel went well and had little rework to make the
complete. However, going back to Protel is where he was skeptical and hasn't
yet tried. If you'd like I'll keep you posted when he gets around to trying

I have also realised that at the time of posting my last email you would be
a late version of Cadence as the older ones had Y2K issues.

At 05:31 PM 15/08/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>The problem may not be just limited to protel ascii 2.8 limitations.....
>There are a few homebrew options but some may seem more impractical than
>5) purchase said package in (4) or get that company to provide you with
>there is an extract utility (I forget the name of it....cds_extract???
>allegro_extract???) that comes with the Cadence tools that will directly
>read the binary brd file and give you a text file of the extracted
>primitives... A PERL script could make breakfast out of that and convert it
>to protel ascii
>the extract utility uses a text file to describe what kind of information
>extract from the brd file and then generates said output text file...
>6) use router solutions inc.
>Allegro is super powerful while protel's UI is far superior and makes
>a joy....


Colin Weber

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