Unfortunately there is no way to tell the synchronizer to ignore a
symbol(not that I know of)

And although you don't want them on the schematic I think this is the only
way to do it(aside from unchecking the Delete components box in the

To get around the issue of having wire pads, heatsinks, et. al. from being
deleted when Synchronizing we just use a symbol on the schematic for them.

For wires we use a simple Arrow with a pin on it and assign a footprint for
the size of pad we will need for the given wire gauge.  This is also applied
when doing Mounting holes, they will usually be placed in a row in a bottom
corner of the sheet.  This saves the time of manually adding the net on the
PCB.  Make sure you put a ring of silk screen around the pad's footprint if
you go this way... otherwise the pad is difficult to modify as a
component.... click on the silk screen ring to modify the component, and
click on the pad to modify the pad.

For Heatsinks we have a symbol with no pins, that is assigned to the
heatsink footprint so that it does not disappear when Synch'ing.

We have also, at times, used either an existing or completely separate sheet
in the schematic hierarchy to include mechanical, or 'Off-Board' items for
BOM generation.  When these items are included in a sheet that also contains
PCB components they are designated in a manner to make them easily
distinguishable in the error messages so that they can be ignored.
Alternatively, if they are on a completely separate sheet you can choose to
temporarily remove this sheet from the hierarchy by deleting it's sheet
symbol and just replace the sheet symbol for this page when doing BOM
generation only.

I would like to see two checkboxes added to the Schematic Symbols.
I would still like them to be listed while Synch'ing for verification
purposes, but not generating errors, just showing information and being
separated into their respective categories.

Not sure if that will help... but there it is =)

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> Hi
> Can anyone tell me how to place a component on to a schematic without
> on a pcb and vica versa?  (using syncronizer on Protel 99SESP6)
> ie.  on a scematic I have symbols in the library for safety critical
> information etc by certain components. info only, no footprint.  however
> (D)esign/Update (P)cb thinks it should update this to the board then
> complains that it can't find a footprint!!
> Then on a pcb i have things like holes and heatsinks that i do not want on
> the schematic and again the Synconizer complains and/or tries to delete
> depending on which way i am synconizing!
> Am I missing something simple?
> As always Many thanks
> Rich
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