At 11:13 AM 8/24/01 -0500, Frank Gilley wrote:
>Just curious, but lately I have been getting spammed from what would 
>appear to be email addy trawlers in this group.
>Anyone else getting spam from .au's? after posting here?
>This is not the usenet, surely we don't have to have addy trawlers in our 
>own group!
>Either that or Altuim sold our addresses... (surely NOT!)

Who would buy what they can get for free! (As was pointed out, Altium has 
no special access to the addresses of subscribers to this list; that data 
is held by Techserv. I very much doubt that Techserv would sell the 
subscriber list. They do offer advertising to the list -- no one has 
purchased it, it was pretty expensive last time I checked; but such mail 
would come as a normal post to the list.)

However, this list is archived on yahoogroups. If you one's e-mail address 
is in the signature, it becomes web-accessible, and Mr. Gilley does have 
his address in his signature. There is also a Techserv archive -- on the 
Techserv web site, and it happens that a piece of mail from Mr. Gilley is 
in that archive; I found it by searching on his e-mail address.

This list sends the email address of writers with posts. But both the 
Techserv archive and the yahoogroups archive (protel-users-PEDA-archive) 
strip out the addresses. So the email address is only publicly viewable if 
you put it in the body of the mail or it is in your signature.

So anyone could search for messages containing terms that might indicate 
that a writer was a potential customer, and then extract the e-mail 
address(es) from those messages.

I get *lots* of spam, because I don't conceal or disguise my address, and I 
am active, not only here, but on newsgroups as well.

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