> On 04:15 PM 8/31/2001 -0700, Brad Velander wrote:
> > Keith,
> > the alternate approach that works is as follows. If you just
> > want to look at a few processes.
> >
> >Go to your Down Arrow (Left side main toolbar).
> >Select Customize.
> Or, alternatively, double-click on the menu bar within either the
> Schematic or PCB applications, just to the right of the last
> entry (Help). This will bring up the same dialog customization dialog.
> Then follow the steps that Brad outlined.
> aj

The System subfolder contains a number of files having an extension of .INS.
To wit, there is one such file per Server provided, and if the contents of
these files are examined, these will list what Processes are provided for
the corresponding Server. (WARNING: Do NOT change the contents of these

Theoretically, a .HLP file is also supposed to be provided for each Server,
and this is supposed to document each Process, along with parameters and
corresponding parameter values that can be used with each Process. In
practice, some .HLP files are not provided at all, and in other cases, the
.HLP files which are provided are not atypically out of date and/or don't
list all of the parameters and parameter values that can be used.

That said, what is provided in the way of .HLP files does provide some
documentation for the Processes which are available. And sometimes, looking
at .RCS files (also found in the System subfolder) will disclose parameters
and/or parameter values which can be used which are not documented in the
.HLP files provided. E.g. "Action=Slide" for the PCB:Zoom Process is listed
in at least one .RCS file. It *is* now listed in the AdvPcb.hlp file, but in
times past, that was *not* so listed there.

Looking at .DLL files with a hexadecimal viewer/editor can sometimes
disclose parameters and/or parameter values which are not otherwise
documented, but it is not really something I would recommend for neophytes.
(If you attempted to dis-assemble or otherwise reverse-engineer the contents
of the .DLL files, you would be in violating the terms of your software
licence. That said, I don't think that attempting to discern parameters or
parameter values which are not documented could really be regarded as
attempting to reverse-engineer the code, but I would not advocate that any
attempt be made to glean any further details from these files.)

Geoff Harland.
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