At 11:26 AM 10/20/01 -0700, Tony Karavidas wrote:
>Is there anyone interested in Advanced PCB3, PLD3 adn ROUTE3? I have the
>manuals and disks in PERFECT condion and I'm about to throw them out to gain
>space. (I missed my spring cleaning session, so I'm doing it now.)
>Anyway if you want them, you can have them, just pay for the shipping.

Be careful; providing those disks to someone else could be a license 
violation. I'm assuming that these disks and manuals belong to older 
license(s) that have since been upgraded. Protel's position is that the 
older license essentially is subsumed into the new one, selling it or 
giving it away is tantamount to selling or giving away your newer license, 
and using the older license separately is a license violation. The way I 
saw it worded would actually forbid using the older license at all, but I 
don't think that is what they intended. While it is highly unlikely that 
Protel would attempt to sue or prosecute, they might very well, if they 
found out, deny you further upgrade rights.

It's a bit of a mess, actually; I know that some at Protel would like to 
chuck transferability entirely, but that would be unfortunate. What 
*should* be done is to better word the license agreement, which still 
leaves *lots* of fairly obvious questions unanswered. I've been told many 
times -- informally, by salespeople -- that Protel is not concerned if one 
installs the program on a notebook and takes it home, in addition to one's 
desktop installation. But the current license agreement seems to me to 
prohibit this. It's not a great idea to prohibit something that causes the 
software company little or no damage and is also extremely difficult to 
enforce. (One can buy a floating license that allows what I have described, 
but I don't know any small users who have done this, and I don't know the 
single-user floating license price, if there is one ....) And the current 
license explicitly invalidates everything else that Protel has ever said or 
written on the subject.

On the other hand, if those disks and licenses are for an never-upgraded v. 
3 license, sure, I'll pay shipping and more than that. Quite a bit more!

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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