At 04:16 PM 11/19/01 -0400, Tim Fifield wrote:
>I've created an odd footprint for a SMT Current Sense Resistor. Each L
>shaped "pad" on the footprint consists of a pad and a copper fill attached
>to it because I want the solder mask on the fill.
>Anyways, when I run DRC I get a short circuit error between the fill of the
>"pad" and the pad of the "pad". Is there any way to resolve this?

This is standard Protel question #1.

In Protel 99SE, you can have multiple pads in a footprint with the same 
name, and they will be assigned the same net, *if* you are using the 
synchronizer. The netlist load process has a bug that can cause problems. 
(It was not designed to be used with multiple identical pads; Protel tried 
to fix it so that it would, but did not quite get it right, the next load 
will *unload* the nets from all the pads. But the synchronizer works fine.)

So you can use an additional pad instead of the fill. That pad can be 
tented so that no mask is applied.

The other method of dealing with this is to assign the appropriate net to 
the fill. You can do this by unlocking primitives on the component, then 
double-click on the fill to edit it, then, presumably, relock the 
primitives on the component. Or you can run 
Design/NetlistManager/Menu/Update Free Primitives from Component Pads. In 
spite of the name, it will also update component non-pad primitives.

I just discovered another option. I used Tools/Convert/Add Selected 
Primitives to add a fill to a footprint. I unlocked the primitives and 
moved the fill into contact with a pad. It automatically took on the pad 
net. (To use the Add command, select the primitives to be added, run the 
command, then click on the component and answer the confirmation dialog. 
This is a new command with Protel 99 if I recall correctly.)

But if the fill is part of the footprint already, and especially if there 
exist more than one of these footprints, running Update is the best procedure.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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