I would recommend the following:-

Have a small symbols library created for this purpose.  The symbols are 
almost copies of existing symbols in (for example) the "device" library.  It is 
likely that this library would be fairly small (pots, switches, transistors, segs 
or basic displays). 

Add a default footprint to the symbol description, e.g. rad0.1 or whatever.

Make sure that any pins on the symbol that will not actually be used on the 
footprint are changed so that they are only graphical images and no longer 

Make sure that pin designators match the (desired footprint) pad designators 
that will be used.

I would also rename these symbols slightly.

When these symbols are used on the schematic I tend to place a dashed 
box type enclosure around them.  Somewhere I show that this implies the 
components are mounted to a mechanical assembly.

Although this requires initial setup, overall it seems to convey good visual 
readability, it also gives good electrical connectivity throughout the sch->pcb, 
that is - no errors. 

As someone else suggested, the off-board components do need to connect 
somehow to the pcb.

This works for basic projects - would it work for yours?


can somebody recommend a way to handle components that I want to appear
in the schematic, but are not mounted on the PCB (e.g. switches, lamps,
fuses ...).
I thought of the following ways to do this:
a) create a separate schematic sheet with the off-board components,
connected to a sheet symbol for the rest of the circuit.
b) Draw the off-board components with drawing tools, so that they have
no electrical connectivity.
Neither approach seems to be entirely satisfactory, because with a) you
have to refer to two sheets if you want to understand the circuit, and
b) gets cumbersome for anything more complicated than, say, a single
Does anybody here have better ideas ?

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