At 07:29 PM 12/12/01 +1300, Simon Peacock wrote:
>We've been told at work that Protel will no longer allow licences to be sold
>only that the company can change names!
>Anybody else heard about this ?? or brought a legal, upgradeable licences
>recently ?
>Its important to me as I have 2 spare 16 bit licences that I don't use
>anymore (I had 3 but still use one).

Altium cannot revoke the right of the user to sell current licenses, it is 
in the license agreement. It can, however, remove this right from the 
current license agreement. Read your license agreement!

It could also decide not to allow upgrade pricing for resold older 
licenses. However, if it does this, I would be recommending a class-action 
suit, or at least consultation regarding the possibility of winning such a 
suit. This is because Protel has represented that resold licenses were 
identical to new ones, that the new licensee stood in place of the old one. 
Disallowing upgrade would therefore be a taking because it would devastate 
the resale value of older licenses.

It's been about three months or so since I resold a license. I've known for 
quite some time that Altium was considering removing resellability. It 
puzzles me why they would do this, because every resold license means 
increased maintenance revenue. But bean counters tend to look at lost 
revenue in the short term more than at enriched revenue in the long term. 
So they can think, about a second-hand license sale, "Look at how much 
money we are losing." I've actually been told that by a Protel employee, 
even though I know that true resales (the kind that they would now 
disallow) are taking place in very small numbers, and I also know that 
immediate revenue to Protel *increased* because one company bought two 
licenses instead of one (and these licenses were being purchased from 
Protel at 50% off, the service bureau discount, which was later discontinued).

I'm getting a bad feeling about all this, I'm afraid.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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