Rooms are new and, as yet, primitive. I am grateful that they exist at all! 
Various improvements are obvious. Polygonal rooms would be more useful, for 

I haven't used rooms a lot, but that is only an accident having to do with 
the kinds of jobs I have done since the SE release.

At 03:47 PM 1/17/2002 -0500, Fred A Rupinski wrote:
>* What is the proper procedure (in the schematic, as implied above) to 
>successfully define rooms, assign components to rooms, and TRANSFER this 
>grouping information from the schematic to the PCB?

I do not know any way to define component classes in Schematic, other than 
the default formation of classes by the synchronizer from schematic pages. 
One could make a temporary schematic page with some subset of components 
and use that to create a class and associated room. A method of creating 
component classes at the Schematic level may require a Schematic database 
change. This is not a small thing!

There may be some way to use cross-probing to select a set of components on 
Schematic and thus the corresponding components on PCB; this would then be 
used by the Class Generator (Design/Classes/Component/Add/Class Generator) 
to create a class. The class would then be assigned a room.

But I haven't used cross-probing in Protel. I thought there was a way to do 
this, but I did not see it off-hand.

>* Is it possible to rotate rooms (including assigned relative component 
>patterns) while editing the PCB?

Yes. Select the objects, including the room, and rotate them together. 
Rooms do not seem to have a select field in the dialog, but they do 
select/deselect with normal mouse/keyboard commands.

>* How should ERC 'room errors' be interpreted? (I disable this because I 
>don't know what a room error means)?

It means that a component does not satisfy a room definition. The most 
common would be that it is outside the room defined for it.

>* Is there any problem in letting rooms overlap to obtain a more compact 
>layout (assuming other rules are not violated)?

Overlapping rooms do not create a problem, to my knowledge, if the room 
rules are properly defined.

Gotta go, or I'd write more....

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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