At 10:40 AM 1/18/2002 -0500, Fred A Rupinski wrote:
> > There may be some way to use cross-probing to select a set of components
> > Schematic and thus the corresponding components on PCB; this would then be
> > used by the Class Generator (Design/Classes/Component/Add/Class Generator)
> > to create a class. The class would then be assigned a room.
>This sounds involved. I think it is easier and more intuitive to pre-define
>the rooms on the PCB sheet, and then assign components in the normal way
>after the PCB is updated from the schematic. However, it might be
>instructive to see how far your suggestion takes me, time permitting ....
>I'll see.

The point is that you can rather easily and quickly assign a set of 
selected components to a room. You create a class from the selection and 
then assign the selection to the room. You can assign components to a room 
individually, but it multiplies rules and is cumbersome; much easier to 
create a class for the components and then assign the class -- or classes 
-- to the room.

Note that rooms can also be used to restrict some components to one side of 
the board....

Yes, conceptually, all this should be controllable from the schematic or, 
*possibly,* a human-readable file that defines PCB requirements. Such 
requirements are now typically communicated engineer-to-designer by written 
memos. If we are lucky.

> > But I haven't used cross-probing in Protel. I thought there was a way to
> > this, but I did not see it off-hand.
> >
> > >* Is it possible to rotate rooms (including assigned relative component
> > >patterns) while editing the PCB?
> >
> > Yes. Select the objects, including the room, and rotate them together.
> > Rooms do not seem to have a select field in the dialog, but they do
> > select/deselect with normal mouse/keyboard commands.
>I found it.
>Cursor_on_Room) gets me there.

Sure, this will work, but it is unnecessarily cumbersome unless you want to 
rotate some angle other than your default rotation settings. Just pick up 
the selection with the mouse and hit the space bar, the selection should 
rotate the default value counterclockwise. The installation default is 90 

However, rooms cannot be rotated, it appears, any other angle than 90 
degrees. This could be expected from the room edit dialog, which shows no 
angle field.

Note that rooms can be defined to keep components out of a rectangle. 
Multiple rules may apply to a room, for example, one set that keeps 
components inside and another that keeps other components outside.

The room concept is very, very useful even as it is, our complaints are 
really only pointers to suggestions that would improve their utility.

I had trouble finding a way to graphically edit the extents of a room. The 
room is drawn on-screen with handles, but was unable to pick up any of the 
handles, until I remembered that I had the same problem with fills. So I 
looked in the help files for fills and saw the instructions for graphically 
editing fills. I had completely overlooked this; it is slightly less than 

If a fill has the focus (give it the focus by clicking on it), click on one 
of the handles. Just a quick single click, not a held-click or 
double-click. The cursor will jump to the handle and one can resize the 
fill. Another click puts the handle down. The off-center handle is used to 
rotate the fill. Rooms work the same way except that there is no rotation 

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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