Sounds like you are attempting to have 2 different people do 2 different
things to the same file at the same time (under the new Protel database

1. Not a real good idea, and if you really want to do this on a regular
basis, I would recommend your going back to the old file structure which
uses individual files, and thus will not cause these problems. If you
are sure that you want to do this, and keep the database file structure,
you better define just who has what specific responsibility to what part
of the database file, and how the two different people are going to
integrate their "joint" design.

2. In theory, you should be able to share the file, and spefically the
individual components of the database, which are infact files
themselves, but Protel does not seem to understand that sometimes, and
sometimes simply cannot seem to find the file (especially if it is
already opened by another process). I say sometimes here because it
appears that Protel is not completely consistant in it's behavior all of
the time when it comes to multiple instances or processes and file
sharing, (at least with my installation).

JaMi Smith
Optical Crossing Inc.

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We have a two-seat license. I can't seem to get the 2nd user logging
the DDB. I set a password for user Admin, then added 2 users and
with full privileges (R,W,D,C). I'll call them pcb_user and sch_user.
database is stored on pcb_user's hard drive, I'll call it "pcb.ddb". 

When pcb_user opens "pcb.dbb" he gets a logon box. He enters his user
and password and the ddb loads fine. When sch_user tries to open the ddb
doesn't get the logon box, he gets the "new design database" dialog with
file name filled in as "pcb1.ddb". Apparently Protel wants to open a
copy of
it instead of sharing. How do I correct this behavior to allow sch_user
open the database stored on pcb_user's computer? 

Darryl Newberry
Freedom Scientific
11800 31st Court N
St Petersburg FL 33716
(727) 803-8000 tel
(727) 803-8001 fax

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