At 11:12 AM 1/29/2002 +0100, Georg Beckmann wrote:

>If copy & paste doesn't work, save the spreadsheet, then export it to
>external file & load it into excel.
>This I tried an was able to export the file and change it in excel. But how
>can I
>update my sheets with this file after reimport.
>Protel does not update the schematics, if I open the reimported file and
>push update. ?

The spreadsheet is ... usable. But it demands that things be done just a 
certain way, and that way is not always obvious.

When a spreadsheet from the database is created by schematic, it is by 
default locked. I'd say that 99% of the time we'd rather have it not 
locked. Or at least it would be nice to have a single button "unlock all."

I'm sure that if I had the time, I could learn to do nearly everything 
directly in the spreadsheet editor, though I still have that feeling that 
it is going to crash any minute. maybe that is just a conditioned response, 
I can't remember the last time it actually crashed. So I do my work in Excel.

(Exceptions are common, but seem mostly to be trapped errors, for example, 
attempts to paste into a locked cell creates an exception; it may then be 
ignored, it seems.)

Here is an exact description of what I do. It may be more cumbersome than 
necessary, perhaps someone could find ways to simplify it. I'm using Excel 97.

1. Schematic: Create spreadsheet (Edit/Export to Spread/use Wizard) Note 
that if selections exist, one can export only selected primitives, this can 
be very useful.


3. Spread: Edit/Select All, Edit/Copy

4. Open Excel. Rt.Click/Paste into Cell A1.

5. [optional if you are going to sort the data:] Select Column A. Insert 
Column. Insert the row number into each cell in the new column A. I place 
"=row(A1)" into A1, select and Edit/Fill/Down to fill the formula down to 
the end of the data, and then Edit/Copy and Edit/Paste Special to paste 
Values. The point is to be able to recover the original data sequence after 

You may now sort rows and edit fields, but don't delete rows or delete or 
interchange columns .... When you are done, resort on column A to restore 
original row order.

6. Delete column A with the row numbers (if you created it).

7. Select all data (left-click on cell 0,0). Edit/Copy.

8. Spread: Options/Preferences/Uncheck Protection.

9. Left-click on cell A1. Edit/Paste.

10. File/Update. This should take the edited data into the schematic.

The spreadsheet editor is either buggy or poorly documented or, most 
likely, both. But the process described works for me.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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