>When a spreadsheet from the database is created by schematic, it is by 
>default locked. I'd say that 99% of the time we'd rather have it not 
>locked. Or at least it would be nice to have a single button "unlock all."

Actually, there is such a button, as I found when I was verifying the 
process. I gave it later on in my article  Until then I was using 
Format/Protection/uncheck Locked, which seemed to work on the entire 
database if it is selected when the box is unchecked, at least one can then 
paste into A1.

But what is weird is that you can manually edit individual fields without 
unchecking Locked or turning off protection. I think. But I get nervous 
even trying. I don't like seeing Exceptions that advise me to reboot, even 
if I seem to be able to get away with ignoring them.

The requirement that the spreadsheet editor and schematic file remain open 
is tedious if nothing else. What if I'm doing a large amount of work, do I 
have to stay up all night to complete it? Now, in fact, I can get around 
this. I can save my data in Excel and remerge it, with some care, with new 
data from a spreadsheet created the next day. The links will be different, 
care must be taken.

I can see why Update from spreadsheet has this problem. There is no unique 
identifying field for schematic primitives. If you have two identical 
primitives at the same location, the only thing distinguishing them, I 
think, is their sequence in the file and in memory, the links refer to 
memory location, which is why both files must remain open (and I'd guess 
that there might be problems if you edit the schematic directly while in 
the middle of working with the spreadsheet).

So there is no way to restore all the links properly, I suspect the 
programmer thought. Except that if two primitives are identical, it really 
doesn't matter much which one of them gets updated with which copy. Given 
this understanding, it should be possible to reconnect a spreadsheet and 

So if an Update is attempted and the links are missing, Protel should 
recreate them, just as it can create links between Schematic and PCB. Once 
this is possible, one could theoretically create an entire schematic by 
import of primitives through spreadsheet. And this would make it easier to 
write schematic translators....

Likewise PCB spreadsheet should export *every* primitive in the file, 
including rules, classes, etc. Many times we have wished for this or that 
primitive to be available. If there is an option in the Spreadsheet Wizard 
"complete export" it would be enough, it would not be necessary to add 
every detail to the export option list.

For example, we should be able to edit selection status in the PCB 
spreadsheet; selection is not exported, unlike the situation in Schematic.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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