At 09:12 AM 2/12/2002 +1030, Colin Earl wrote:
>owever, the behaviour is not what I am after. Imagine a track segment
>heading in a "southerly" direction, then at a vertex it heads
>south-east for a while then at another vertex it continues on
>eastwards. In Expedition PCB, if I were to drag the diagonal segment
>towards the south-west, the length of the diagonal segment would reduce as
>the two other segments extended (not shifted) and remained at their
>original angles.

This is fairly advanced behavior, as design systems go. What's the price on 

Anyway, it would be valuable if Protel could do this (it can't). As I 
noted, and it has been underscored by others, for a single track simply 
redrawing the track with loop removal turned on is as fast or faster than 
the behavior Mr. Earl desires.

Where it would be truly useful is where there are a large number of 
tight-routed tracks which need to be similarly rerouted. What I'd like to 
be able to do is to select the track segments to be moved -- in this 
special mode -- and then drag them together.

This is not, strictly speaking, dragging a track segment, because the 
segment changes size. Rather the segment is recalculated, holding connected 
track, as Mr. Earl described, at fixed angles, and those tracks are also 

However, a special autorouting tool would be even better. I'd call it trace 
hugging, perhaps it has another name. I would redraw one of a set of 
parallel traces (that is, traces which meander together) and then all the 
others (containing a selected segment) would be redrawn hugging -- 
following at minimum clearance -- the one I just drew.

There are a whole series of behaviors like this where really primitive 
single-layer autorouting technology, the stuff that has been around for 
years, could be applied to assist manual routing.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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