in my case and I assume the same for Wayne, I have a polygon with a
central keepout area. Using the remove dead copper and having no seed net
within the keepout area, there should be no pour inside the keepout. In my
case one of the layer specific keepout lines had been net GND (same as the
polygon pour) for whatever reason, I changed it back to "No Net" and
repoured, the pour poured right over the "No Net" keepout boundry and was
not removed by the remove dead copper function as it should have been.
Replacing the one layer specific keepout area line with a new one which had
never been attached to net GND and the pour respected the Keepout area.
        I couldn't believe this so I deliberately made one segment of the
Keepout area net GND and repoured. The pour flooded into the area I didn't
want it in as would be expected and the remove dead copper did not delete
it. Remember there is no seed net within the area. The pour ran right across
the one segment of layer specific keepouts but not the other segments (it
was poured around the other segments). Now changing the segment I had
intentionally changed to net GND back to "NO Net", repour and the polygon
does not respect that particular segment of layer specific keepout track. It
pours visibly right over top of it, not just across it but cleared back from
the line, it is solid right across the No Net layer specific keepout. Again
I had to replace that keepout segment with a virgin keepout segment or copy
one of the other unmarred keepout segments.

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I think the problem is that this is an ambiguous situation.  Keepouts only
prevent track from crossing -- you can have track on either side of it. Even
if it's a closed figure, you can have track inside.
        So if a polygon & keepout area overlap, where does the polygon
from?  Which part of the polygon should not pour?  (And remember that a
designer might look at any specific case and say "it's obvious", but the
program would have to determine this for ANY abitrary keepout and polygon.)

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