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>I am about to purchase a new EDA. Just evaluated Pulsonix,looks 
>good.Should I wait for the new Protel release with the Sirus autorouter or 
>go ahead with pulsonix? Anybody tested the Protel beta and how do you rate it.
>Hate the learning curve when switching to new EDA.

Protel is not in Beta at this time, as far as we know. If someone *is* Beta 
testing, they would be under a non-disclosure agreement, so we can't be 
sure, we merely think it likely.

If you can afford Protel, I'd definitely wait. I'd get the Protel demo, if 
you haven't already. That's 30 days for free, full-function. And then the 
new release will probably have a new demo, another 30 days, I'd assume. By 
that time you should know which you prefer.

I can't say anything about Pulsonix. Until this post, I hadn't heard of it, 
which might say something by itself. I went to and took a 
look. I noticed that it has something called "autocorner" which *might* be 
something like what we were discussing today for track editing. And it has 
an "auto-finish" option.

The demo is like the old Protel demo: pretty much full-function *except* 
for file save, it does not expire. In other words, the good news is that it 
does not expire and will serve as a file viewer, the bad news is that you 
can't use it for real work, which severely limits how much effort is likely 
to go into testing it.

I didn't see anything that made me want to go and buy it, but I'd ask this 
question: is there an active user group mailing list or equivalent (not 
just a company-sponsored web forum)? If Pulsonix is new (this is rev 1.1), 
it is likely to be buggy. A user group can take some of the edge off of 
this. Further, in using any demo, there will be *lots* of questions. I'd 
not only ask questions whenever I had them, but I'd also read the user list 
religiously for a while.

U.S. pricing for Pulsonix unlimited pins, autoplace, autorouting, and auto 
pin and gate swap is $4950, $3495 without the auto options. Pin limited 
versions are available for less. It will be interesting to see the demo, I 
downloaded it while writing this. (40 MB, ah, DSL. I'll miss it if we move 
out into the hills.)

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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