At 06:41 PM 2/14/2002 +1100, you wrote:
>I have added a few more entries to the bug database - including a couple 
>of recently discussed bugs.
>The general intention of this database is to document bugs that do not 
>seem to make it into the Protel KB, and/or, are persistent bugs that 
>Protel have neglected to fix over a significant period of time.
>I am keen to document them so any beta testing of the next version of 
>Protel can include testing of these bugs in the hope that they might get 
>fixed - if enough testers report the bug then maybe it will get fixed.
>Can I have some assistance pls with people trolling back through the 
>archives of this forum looking for things that might be bugs.  If you can 
>give me some details (in a form that fits neatly with the database format) 
>that would be great.  Maybe a number of people could organize so that each 
>only had to scan a subsection of the archives.  I s'pose we should try to 
>go back over the last year or so.  We should also remember that not all 
>bug reports have a nice subject line that let us all know that a possible 
>bug is being reported (more's the pity -  a little discipline goes a long 
>way to easing the archivists task).

Yes, but it's not going to happen unless we go to a moderated list, which 
would be counterproductive besides a lot of work. *But* we could set up a 
side-list -- I know you'll love this -- where we, as we go, forward posts 
deemed appropriate for a support database and bug database, and we edit the 
subject lines, using some kind of standard for subject lines -- we need a 
standard because we want to be able to share this duty. A given post might 
in some cases be posted more than once.

As far as sharing the work, I agree that now is the time, actually we 
should have done this sooner at least with the bug aspect. But I'm *really* 
short of time at this point. Nevertheless, I might be able to contribute 
some time. I'd suggest using message numbers on the yahoogroups archive to 
assign chunks. And if one of us takes on a chunk that turns out to be too 
much, it would be easy to then transfer the rest to someone else.

Another idea would be simply to collect message numbers and assign them key 
words. This could easily be made into a set of web pages that would be 
searchable as a single long document without any trouble at all, or perhaps 
as hypertext and I or someone else would have to know how to deal with 
making it easy to search.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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