For those of you who, like me, were pleasantly surprised by Tony Karavidas's post on 
the subject of NView, (and the long awaited dual-resolution feature) check with your 
video card company for the latest drivers. NView is now available for download (at 
least from Evga). Here, I assume that v27.20 (NView) is probably also available at 
your associated provider's support site. I did NOT, however, find the driver available 
for download at NVidia, so unless you know something I don't, don't bother looking 

I have it installed, and as advertised, dual-resolution works! HOWEVER... Note that 
dual-resolution isn't available by default, at least for my now ancient MX2 card's 
installation (and presumably for all installations). 

One must first go to Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->GeForce(insert model 
type) tab->Additional Properties->Desktop Utilities and check the "Treat multiple 
outputs on an NView capable board as separate display devices" radio button, restart 
the system, and then set things up per your preference(s)...AFTER first running thru 
the initial NVidia software setup steps following the initial installation of the new 
driver and subsequent reboot. That is, it will take two reboots to complete the task. 
A small price, IMO.

There are some other neato features, but I'll leave those for you to discover. They've 
really outdone themselves this time! In addition to the above and other new stuff, 
they've remedied a whole bunch of 
bugs that plagued earlier versions. And while I'm sure we'll find others in the 
future, I am (so far) truly amazed at the new software performance. Didn't cost a 
penny either, let alone an additional $4000... ;^)

And Tony, thanks again for the news tip! I would never have noticed from NVidia's 
"regular" news traffic... (on the other hand, if your first post was actually a notice 
that the driver was available at that time, and I'm just blathering away like your 
average clueless "me-tooer", well, call me dense...didn't realize...)


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