Ros wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I am having an ongoing problem trying to send a Protel99SE schematic
> document out to an HP Draftmaster One plotter.  Since the drivers are not
> inherent in XP, it requires one to utilize a third-party driver and it
> comes from   I have added the plotter through adding a new
> printer to XP.  I have all of the handshaking set correctly.  I can even
> send a test plot (non-Protel) through a dos shell or command prompt and it
> plots beautifully.  I can take the schematic document and send it to a
> laser printer and it prints perfectly although very small.
> I can get the schematic to plot but it is far, far from complete.  Should I
> be exporting the Protel schematic document to a file, instead?  If so, what
> format?
> Here is how I try to plot my schematic:  I say print, it goes to print or
> print set-up, I select the Draftmaster plotter that I had added through
> Control Panel and it begins and plots but, as I said, it is far from useable.
> I am stumped.  Any help will be most appreciated.

I have not tried pen plotting a schematic.  A one-color laser prited output
is fine for me.  I do some things to manipulate the schematic so it
prints out the way I want it.  Generally, I run B sheets to A size laser printer

paper, and it is quite readable either with 300 or 600 DPI printers.
A C sheet is also readable, but that is pushing it a bit.  If you need larger
than C sheets, you can print them to multiple pages instead of using the
"fit to page" option.  We only have PostScript laser printers here by
choice.  This is not specifically for Protel, but Protel prints are better,
generally, in PostScript, too.

Schematics have some filled areas that may not translate properly to
pen plotter output.  What, specifically, were the problems in making the
pen plotter output?  If the component or sheet objects are missing, I'll
bet that is the problem.  You might be able to fix it by changing the color
of these objects, but the driver might be forced to fill the object by
drawing the whole interior with parallel lines.  This usually tears the
paper after it becomes soaked.


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