At 01:46 PM 3/7/2002 -0500, Marshall Edge wrote:

>I have placed a number of components in a schematic from some of the
>standard Protel libraries.  I have then created a new library from that
>schematic and edited some of the read only fields.  However now the "update
>schematics" doesn't work form this new library.

Here is what to do:

(1) Save your new library within a database; it can be your project 
database or you can make a new one or you can add it to an existing 
database. But do not alter the Protel-supplied libraries or move your own 
libraries into the supplied library databases. Why? Because next time you 
install Protel, should you need to do so, you might overwrite all your 
work. If you have your own libraries and database(s) for them, they would 
not be overwritten unless you managed to give them the same full pathnames 
as the new ones coming in, pretty unlikely!

(2) In Schematic, if you have a schematic open, on the left of the screen 
--unless you have moved it or shut it off -- is a Panel with two tabs at 
the top: Explorer and Browse Schematic. If you don't see the panel, click 
on View/Design Manager. If you *still* don't see it, you have probably 
pulled it to a minimum width, you will need to drag it open from the edge 
of your screen. Once you see the tabs, click on Browse Schematic.

(3) Under Browse, choose Libraries.

(4) Add/Remove. A file browser should open.

(5) Navigate to the ddb in which your library was saved. Double-click on 
it. The .ddb should appear in the bottom window of the file browser.

(6) Click on OK.

Your library should appear in the list of libraries in the Browse Library 
window in the Panel.

Note that if a part name appears in more than one library, the part in the 
library listed first in the list will be used. As I recall, the list is 
alphabetized, so the only way to control priority is by naming your library 
with a lower ASCII sequence name than the standard libraries. But you can 
also close the standard libraries with the Add/Remove screen.

I find that sometimes the wrong library gets removed.... I've reported the 
bug, but Protel wanted more information and I never got a Round Tuit.

>   I think that the schematic
>is still referencing the original Protel libraries.  Is there any way to
>change this?  Or do I now have to go and delete all the components and
>re-place them with the parts from my newly created library?
>I like to keep a separate library that contains all my parts that are
>currently in use.  I am curious to see how other people manage libraries?
>Does anyone have experience interfacing with software called Parts&Vendors?

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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