On 10:12 AM 3/04/2002 +0200, Rolf Molitor said:
>The 'simulator-engine' protel uses is XSpice, an extended Spice3.
>It is very powerful and you can substitute almost any
>'non-standard-Spice-structure' of e.g. PSpice. IsSpice uses the
>XSpice-engine too, so it might be just a very small problem to fix in the
>IsSpice-model to become accepted by the protel simulator.
>There is not much literature about XSpice available in the net, the original
>manual comes from the georgia institute of technology in
>atlanta/georgia/usa, you can order one there (but it is not free, i guess).
>The www.intusoft.com page is a good point to start searching.
>Rolf Molitor
>Ingenieurbuero i2e


You are right about the XSpice stuff I just looked again at the help files 
- but Intusoft seem to have a whole range of models not supported in the 
Protel simulator, and this is where the conversion of external spice 
netlists gets difficult if they include advanced extensions (PSpice or 
Intusoft).  At least this has been my experience.

I have found a number of models that needed major heart surgery to get them 
to operate in P99SE.  These were generally PSPICE models.  The Protel Sim 
does lack some useful stuff (like Laplace operators).  I have only had 
moderate success.

It is some time since I tried to integrate a Intusoft model into P99SE 
(from memory) but I would hazard a guess that a recent intusoft model using 
their latest extensions would *not* be easy to port.  (I was not successful 
from memory.)

(The XSpice stuff from the stuff I just read on the Intusoft site you 
referred to seems to mainly add in support for event-driven simulation 
(useful for mixed-signal stuff.  I get the feeling that Intusoft have gone 
on and added a whole lot of models on top of that.)

Ian Wilson

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