In my opinion, I would not do the panelization in any of them. I let the Fab
house do the copy and repeat steps. Protel does not handle this well at all
and I am not confident enough in my ability in Camtastic to reproduce a
perfect result. I pay the fab house for a service and I let them provide it.
What I will do is specify, by drawing out a panelization drawing on
mechanical layer 3. I will show the pcb outline the borders and any extra
holes as well as score lines. In fact I draw in everything but the actual
pcb in the panels.  I have never had a bad result or error this way, and I
recommend to anyone that wants to panelize.
Just my opinion,

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From: Tim Fifield [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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To: Protel EDA Form
Subject: [PEDA] PCB Panelization

I'm going to be doing my first PCB panelization soon. I was just wondering
what the best tool to use would be. I have P99SE SP2, Camtastic 2000, and GC
Preview. I think GC Preview is just a viewer though...

Any thoughts on which tool to use?

If anybody has some quick do's or don'ts that would be much appreciated as

Tim Fifield

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