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>In my opinion, I would not do the panelization in any of them. I let the
>house do ... it.

I agree. I recently ran the numbers on a small board from several PCB shops,
both pre-panelized and by allowing them to handle the optimization. In no
uncertain terms, each of the hosues told me that had I chosen to do the
panelization myself, it would have probably cost me more, due to their
knowledge of the "stock" board sizes that they use to create the customer
ouput, versus my own ignorance of each of their individual stock sizes and
equipment, etc... (And there would have been more effort on my part...more
cost..serious cost (manhours)...and more of an opportunity to fudge
something while panelizing...more potential for increased cost...)

Unless you're talking from the perspective of a board house, ie, by "we are
performing our first panelization" means that you're the service, not the
servicee, then I have to wonder why you're taking this on, aside from a
potential academic interest in accomplishing the task, that is.



I agree as ell. We used to do it inhouse, but the PCB house made a lot of
requests that we leave it to them, as the files would get corrupted during
the panelisation in Protel. However, we have to define the panel size,
number of PCBs on the panel and info like fiducial marks placement. That is
required by our production facility, as the panel has to satisfy the size
requirements of our P&P machine.

Doing it this way complicates the setup of break-off info, such as
V-grooving and routing (e.g. slots in the panel), and you will have to find
a compromise that suits yourself and your PCB shop.

Hope this helps you.


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