Seems like you need to go into youe "mouse properties" and adjust the
parameters for the speed of the "mouse click" (sometimes called "double

Different types of software call it different things, but you should be
able to adjust it.

It appears that you need to slow it down.

There are some things in Protel that require a "fast click" that appear
very hard for me to do at times, such as right click on something that I
want to delete from the "explorer tree", which occasionally takes
several attempts, and almost seems like I can just barely "tap" the
mouse button.

You also might try an "EEA" from the keyboard, (Edit-->dEselect-->All),
which sometimes works when all else fails.

One other thing, you must be in an "idle" mode or state for the single
fast left mouse key click to work, as in not in any other mode doing
something else. Hit the escape key a few times to terminate any thing
else that you may be in the middle of, then try the fast left mouse key
click again.

JaMi Smith

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i'm doing a schematic in protel and when i cruise around
and click to change the font on the component designators,
every so often one of them gets a dashed square around it
with a dashed line leading off to some point.  once i get
the darned dashed box around the designator, i can't get
rid of it.

what is this dashed box, why am i getting it sometimes when
i click a designator and not others, and how do i get rid 
of it?

thank you, miker

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