At 07:36 AM 4/18/2002 -0700, Graham wrote:
>At a recent Protel 99SE training session by Altium, I heard mention of
>the use of dual monitors in a single instance of Protel.  Does anyone
>know how this is set up?  It would be great to view two full-screen
>documents simultaneously. Thanks.

Windows 98SE and Windows 2000 support dual monitors with two video cards; 
there are also dual head cards, such as some of the Matrox cards. I'm using 
the Matrox G450.

I would never voluntarily go back to a single monitor unless it were truly 

I'm running two 21 inch displays, I got them both on for less than 
$200 each plus shipping. Each display is set for 1600x1200, and I have them 
set up for side-by-side display of the desktop, so the desktop is 3200x1200.

I often write for this list now with Eudora (mail) on one monitor and 
Protel 99SE on the other. Protel is not dual-monitor aware, so until I 
configured the Matrox dual-head utility to center pop-up menus on one 
monitor instead of on the desktops, it was a bit of a nuisance, since the 
menus would straddle the displays. But that is gone now, with the Matrox 
software. Some W2000 system messages and dialogs still pop up in the 
center, such as boot messages or the Task Manager, a minor irritation.

If the Protel window is maximized, it spreads across both monitors; 
individual windows can then be sized so that one window is on one monitor 
and another on the other monitor.

There is a web design company on the first floor of this building, with 
windows on the central common space, so you can see everyone. Each 
workstation has two monitors. I would provide the same for every employee, 
if I had employees (I'm working only with contractors).

You may not realize what you are missing until you try it.... There are 
still some people who say, "Computer? I don't have a computer, what would I 
need a computer for?" The same question gets asked about RAM upgrades, 
large hard disks, faster computers, etc., etc.

And it gets  asked about dual displays. I'm considering a third monitor.... 
But physically it starts to get awkward above two.

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