thanks to nick and everybody else.  i did indeed change
operating systems.  i went from NT4 to W2K.  but also i
wasn't coming close to performing all the operations that
nick mentions.  like i said, i was just changing the part
and then plunking my thumb down on the "update schematic"

thanks again!  miker

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Hi Mike,

design-make project library
Save the library with the changes.
open the schematics where you want to update the part.
in schematic: click Design:Update Parts in Cache
Go back to the library, click on the component that you want to update so
that it is highlighted.
Then click update schematic.  (each component has to be updated by selecting
it? - at least on my version 99SE SP6 - WIN2K)
Afterwards, design-make project library to make sure the schematic links to
the new project library.

I found this problem with links inside a ddb file either occured after
switching operating system (98SE to WIN2K) or renaming the database file?

hope this helps,


P.S. Did you look at Knowledge Base Item 2225?
That's where I got directed by Protel support.

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From: Robison Michael R CNIN [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: [PEDA] update schematic ??


i am still having trouble updating schematics when
i change a component in the library.  i looked thru
the archives but nothing really clicked so i would
like to ask about it here.

i added a couple pins to a multipart component in
the component library, and then clicked the "update
schematics" button, went back to my schematic, and
one component's part did not update.  however, several
other identical components did update.

just to make sure i was on level ground, i did a
design/make project library so that i knew exactly
where the components came from, and then updated the
schematic again, with the same results.

why won't the one part of the one component update?

thank you, miker

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