RSI can be found here:


ES> Ivor,

ES> There is a company called Router Solutions Inc. in Southern California 
ES> (Anaheim I think) that, in times past, has been very successful with format 
ES> conversions and they may already have something that works or can possibly 
ES> whip one up in short order. I'm not familiar with Boardmaker at all though 
ES> so I'm guessing though.

ES> They also have a very good and very enhanced Gerber editor caled CadCam that 
ES> may be of use too. I have had several clients over the last 10 years or so 
ES> that have used their products and services successfully and I have heard no 
ES> complaints.

ES> I don't have their "address" handy but a quick search for "RSI", CADCAM (one 
ES> word), or "Router Solutions Inc." should get you there.

ES> Best Regards - Evan Scarborough

>>From: "Ivor Davies" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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>>Subject: [PEDA] Boardmaker to Protel
>>Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 10:47:37 +0100
>>Hello to the Protel Forum List!
>>I have just joined this list and have my first query. We have a huge number 
>>of PCB designs in Boardmaker (an old DOS package written by Tsien of 
>>Cambridge, UK) and require to import them somehow into Protel.
>>It has been suggested that the Gerbers generated by Boardmaker can be 
>>imported via Camtastic. How can this method recover the connectivity 
>>between layers? How can the plot of a pad on one layer relate to an 
>>identically positioned plot of a pad on another layer? (or is Camtastic so 
>>fantastic that is knows that such instances are vias?).
>>Any suggestions on how to tackle this problem and any general solutions to 
>>importing designs into Protel from nothing but Gerbers would be very much 
>>Best Regards,
>>Ivor Davies
>>Diplomat UK Ltd

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