I run ProtelSE sp6 on Win4Lin 4.  I switched over almost two years now from 
NT4.  Win4Lin only supports Win98/SE/ME so I use Win98SE.  I have a Dual 
Celeron 300 I build a few years ago and  even though win98 doesn't sopport 
dual CPUs, under win4lin it utilizes both CPU's.  I found that my AutoRoutes 
are faster and finish at 100% or very close to it, when the same file under 
windows would finish at ~80%.  Also I found the memory management improved.  
Under native Win98, Protel would crash if you opened too many applications.  
Win4Lin still uses up memory but it won't crash.  The Windows 98 portion 
might crash it's still Microsoft you know.  :)  If it dose for some reason 
freeze or crash, I just close the window and reopen it.  It takes only ~15 
secs to be back up and running.  

I started back when Win4Lin 1.0 just came out running on Mandrake 7.2.  Since 
then there has been great improvements.  I'm now running Win4Lin 4.0.2 on 
Mandrake 8.2.  

The Win4Lin install program works very well and the support is the best I've 
found.  I was having an interesting problem with my video driver and I worked 
with Win4Lin tech support for a while trying to figure it out.  They couldn't 
understand why I was the only one having this problem, so they wrote a 
special driver for my computer.   And now it works great - It's a work around 
but it works, so I'm happy.

Some features I like

1.  While I'm performing an AutoRoute,  I can switch to my other desktops and 
read email (Kmail), perform research on the web, etc... without a performance 

2. Better memory management, I can't remember the last time it crashed.

3. I can back up my whole win98 install in case I'm doing some upgrading or 
just doing routine backups.  Let me explain the file structure:

In Linux all users have a separate directory in /home eg /home/john
Win4Lin installs a separate windows install for each user in /home/john/win/
As far as Windows98 knows the root directory is /home/john/win/  = C:\
So the windows directory for user john would be /home/john/win/windows/ = 

So if I want to back up my windows I just run "tar cvfz 
/home_john_win_backup.tgz /home/john/win" and I have my complete windows 
install tarred or compressed into one file.  Like a zip (for those who don't 
know about tar)  I can now save it to a cd or another computer.

There were times when I could run Win4Lin cause I was messing with something, 
but needed to retrieve some files, so I just went to /home/john/win/my files 
in linux retrieved them.  Then when I had time I fixed the problem and all 
was good.

There's one feature that I'm not fond of and that's in the windows files. 
Win4lin creates these .mapfiles which are hiddin directory's in all the 
directory's.  Which I can only see from Linux.  So I created a directory in 
/home/john/User to hold all my working files and then shared it through the 
network in Linux with Samba and then used Network Neighborhood in Win4Lin to 
map it as a drive.  I found this works very well.

Well I think that's enough for now.  I hope this helps.


On Tuesday 09 July 2002 08:52, Bagotronix Tech Support wrote:
> I have noticed that OpenOffice 1.0 (Windows version) will sometimes crash
> when opening a Word document if you do it by double-clicking on the
> filename in Windows Explorer.  But, if you open the Word document from the
> File->Open dialog it works OK.
> Could be a file association problem?
> If you feel like paying for software, you could try StarOffice from Sun
> Microsystems.  It's the paid version of OpenOffice, and I think it also
> comes with a database program (OpenOffice doesn't).
> Haven't seen the 3D tool.
> Did someone on this list say they used Protel 99SE on Linux with Win4Lin?
> How is that working for you?  Any bugs, undocumented "features", or quirks?
> Best regards,
> Ivan Baggett
> Bagotronix Inc.
> website:  www.bagotronix.com
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> From: "Phillip Stevens" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: "Protel EDA Forum" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 7:22 AM
> Subject: [PEDA] OpenOffice & 3D CAD
> > I just got OpenOffice the other day.  I was focused on reading in a word
> > document at the time.  I tried opening a few Word documents,  but all it
> seemed
> > to do was crash for me.
> >
> > I did note while it was installing,  that there was some kind of a 3D
> > viewer or editor tool in OpenOffice too?  I had planed to go back and
> > check it out,  but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
> >
> > Has anyone used this OpenOffice 3D tool?
> >
> > I'm assuming it's a 3D editor.
> > If this works,  it would be nice to see P99SE (and DXP) support it,  as a
> > way to make models for the 3D viewer in P99SE.
> >
> > ---Phil
> >
> > JVD>  If I need to create/open/save
> > JVD> Office97/2000/XP documents I can use OpenOffice.org.  If I need to
> run
> > JVD> Windows Apps(eg Protel), I run Win4Lin.  http://www.netraverse.com/
> >
> >
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