Agree with Toni. I like it, too.


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> Speaking of Protel Bugs . . .
> What are the odds on whether your favorite Bug has been fixed in DXP?
> 1. ) I am betting that the Keyboard / Mouse problem that has been there
> since Protel 98 has not been fixed.

What problem is this you're talking about?

> 2. ) I am also betting that the anti-intuitave panning is still there (yes
> Ian, I know that you like it, and I know that you wrote a routine
> to fx it,
> but it still is backwards and unlike no other system in the world).

What is not intuitive about their panning? It seems to work pretty well.
Have you ever tried to pan in MS Excel? As soon as I move my cursor to the
bottom of the screen, I'm in cell 22,305! Talk about crappy panning.

> 3. ) I am also betting that Protel's "Print Dialogue" box is also still
> backwards as compared to the rest of the world (For those that don't
> consider the way that Protel handles printing a bug, go play with Adobe
> Acrobat (or any other Windows Application) for a while then come back to
> Protel to see how it it is not done right). Also, show me one other major
> application in the Windows world that has a Print Icon on a toolbar that
> invokes a Printer Dialog Box that will not print anything at all,
> as the one
> in the PCB 3-D View (It only does printer setup).

That's because printing is much more complex in P99. There are numerous
layers and options to consider, so when you press the print icon, the app
will focus onthe PCBPrint process. You can then chose what you want to print
from there. I think it's fine. This isn't just another typical Windows app.
Why should it act like one? People like the special way Protel handles
selection vs. focus. Name another app that does that.

Speaking about the ability of "any other Windows Application": I really HATE
IT when I'm working on a document in MS Word and I decide to change my print
driver for HP Laserjet to Acrobat and all my FRICKIN' PAGE FORMATTING
CHANGES!! You what that to be our MODEL for success. Please!
Why can't MS word and these damn print drivers just print what I see on my
screen!??? Why does my screen change when I change drivers?? What a PITA
that is!

> 4. ) I guess my one real question will be what have the done with
> Schematic.
> Will it still act like a bastard sibling that has been hastily
> patched into
> a system where it is totally foreign "function" wise, or have
> they actually
> taken the time to properly integrate it into the environment so
> that things
> like panning, zooming, and function keys, will work the same as within the
> other applications.

When I saw it at the PCB show several months ago, it did the things you
mentioned (Panning and zooming) I'm not sure what you mean about the F keys.

> Who's giving what odds?
> What else do you have for the list?
> No fair on you guys who have been beta testing letting the cat out of the
> bag.

Cat's still in the bag... ;)

> JaMi Smith
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