Writing dates as MM/DD/YY is the same as writing time as HH:SS:MM. It does not seem 
logical. There should be linear ascendence or descendence in the order of things, IMO.

In Australia we have 240V/50Hz. Compared to your 120V/60Hz. We could discuss 
frequency, but one thing is sure, the current in your system is twice as high as in 
our system. That means your losses are four times as high. Whatever you do, you will 
always have higher electricity costs. It might not seem a big to you as an individual. 
On a national scale, it costs all of you a lot of dough.

Metric system is based on a decimal numerical system, which is natural to humans.

So we have reasons for what we are doing. What are your reasons for the things you do? 
You are just used to?


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> Is this what happens when you write software applications "down under"
> everyone at Microsoft in Belview Washington is at home in bed and cannot
> answer your technical questions about the software?

Maybe the "down under" has something to do with it?  ;-)

>From one episode of the Simpsons, when Lisa is helping Bart study for a
geography test, he looks at a globe and says "hey, I didn't know there's an
island called Rand McNally in the Pacific Ocean".  Lisa tells him that "in
Rand McNally, everyone walks on their noses, and hamburgers eat people".  To
which Bart replies "Cool!".

<rant on>
I also don't like the way dates are written in other parts of  the world.  I
frequently see dates written as YY/MM/DD (Canadian) and as DD/MM/YY
(British).  Why can't we all agree on MM/DD/YY as THE one true correct
standard?  When you use dates in a spoken sentence, you say "July 23, 2002".
So why not write it that way numerically?
<rant off>

Now, if we could just get everybody to drop that metric and 220V 50Hz
crap...   ;-)

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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